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Under the sponsorship of the Ministry of Commerce, Industry and Energy the Korea Callcenter Information Research Center has been promoting the business for building the Callcenter Industry Technology Information Infrasturucture as a part of the government’s callcenter industry supporting policy. The business for building the Callcenter Industry Technology Information Infrasturucture is for exchanging the technology information between the constituents of the callcenter industry such as callcenter operation enterprises, technologydevelopment/marketing enterprises, etc. as well as for building the application system, for the purpose of sharing the callcenter technology information within the country and promoting its spread, acquiring the advanced callcenter technology from abroad, and opening up new markets.

The countries such as the United States, United Kingdom and Japan regard the callcenter industry as the up-to-date value-added industry which is full of promise in providing the employment and in exporting the technology, and they foster the callcenter industry on a national scale. In case of our country, although the market size is the second in Asia after Japan, the technology competitiveness is lower compared with the advanced countries and the industry infrastructure is considerably weak accordingly. Through this business, we expect to enhance the competitiveness between the business bodies by sharing the callcenter industry technology information, to open the overseas technology markets by acquiring the advanced callcenter technology, and to build the infrastructure through having the industrial educational partnership.

Your proper understanding and support regarding this business are necessarily required so that our country can be a hub of the callcenter industry technology information in Northeastern Asia. I would appreciate it if you have much concern about and participartion in our business in the future.

Korea Callcenter Information Research Center
President: Jung, Ki Joo